Question to Faversham Town Council


Faversham Town Council is meeting in the Guildhall this evening, Wednesday 7th May at 7pm. Tim Stonor intends to ask this question:

“Is Faversham Town Council aware:

– that alternatives to the proposed yellow line marking of this historic town centre are available

– that these would use natural stone and brick

– that they would achieve the same parking outcomes

– are recommended by national transport guidance

– are used in other historic centres

– would not, of necessity, cost more

– and could achieve a much less damaging visual impact

– but were unknown to the Chair of the Faversham Traders Association

and will the Council share with me the analysis it says it has done of the options because over 1,200 people here and throughout the world – including eminent figures in architecture, urban design and transport planning – believe that a great mistake has been made that will ultimately damage the heritage and economy of this great town?”


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